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I have always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles since childhood finding them totally absorbing and quite difficult to "put down"! I recently started collecting older puzzles after seeing them come up on Ebay auctions. At first I started buying jigsaws showing the 1953 Coronation and then I moved on to the "Good Companion" series. More recently I have started collecting puzzles related to Films and Television programmes.

One only has to look at the list of titles in the "Good Companion" series to see the late 1950's and early 1960's interests and preoccupations. To me, their attraction lies in the artwork coupled with a use of bright colours and more interesting puzzle cutting techniques than in use today. They are evocative of the period and as I make a jigsaw up I always try to imagine the period surroundings when someone first attempted the same challenge over 40 years ago.

"Good Companion"

British Royal Family

Film and Television related

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