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Film Memorabilia: "Scales of Justice" Films (5)

Between the years 1962 and 1967 a total of 13 films introduced by Edgar Lustgarten were shot at Merton Park studios in London and produced by Jack Greenwood.

Below is a list of all the 13 films with active links to any Front of House stills or Press books that I have in my Collection.
Company of Fools (1966)
Barrie Ingham, Jacqueline Jones, Maurice Kaufmann, Garfield Morgan
Directed by Peter Duffell

Five strangers from varied walks of life come together to investigate the life of a man who has caused them all serious financial losses and to exact their own private revenge.
Note: Filmed in colour.

Guilty Party,The (1962)
Zena Marshall, Anthony Jacobs, Derek Francis, Jack Gwillam, Wensley Pithey
Directed by Lionel Harris

Edward Sinclair and his wife Thelma live surrounded by wealth and luxury. But Sinclair is weighed down heavily by debts.

Haunted Man,The (1967)
Keith Barron, James Ellis, Alexandra Bastedo, Isobel Black, Tenniel Evans
Directed by Stanley Willis

Actor Bill Kenton, injured trying to prevent a raid on a shop, returns to his career, to find that he cannot remember his lines. Forced to leave the theatre, he becomes a man obsessed with finding the thieves.
Note: Filmed in colour.

Hidden Face,The (1965)
Christine Finn, Richard Butler, Alec Macintosh, Robert James
Directed by Patrick Dromgoole

Jane Penshurst writes a book attacking MP Milsom. When Milsom shoots himself, his son, William, seeks revenge.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Infamous Conduct (1966)
Dermot Walsh, Bridget Armstrong, Ewen Solon, Richard Warner, Terry Wale
Directed by Richard Martin

Struck off the medical register, surgeon, Anthony Searle meets Dixon, a bank robber on the run and Dixon wants a "face job".
Note: Filmed in colour.

Invisible Asset,The (1963)
Kenneth J. Warren, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Annette Carell, Gabriella Licudi, Stanley Morgan
Directed by Norman Harrison

In a city restaurant the owner blackmails his most influential customers by using a hidden microphone on a special table.

Material Witness,The (1965)
Noel Travarthen, Reginald Marsh, Sally Nesbitt, Harry Locke, Hector Ross
Directed by Geoffrey Nethercott

A young man is the personal assistant to a company executive who has little time for him.

Moment of Decision (1962)
Ray Barrett, Pat Healy, Marjie Lawrence, Lisa Madron, Michael Sarne, Michael Aspel
Directed by John Knight

A nursemaid loses the baby in her charge.

Press Book

Payment in Kind (1966)
Justine Lord, Maxine Audley, Brian Haines, Derrick Sherwin, Gwen Cherrell
Directed by Peter Duffell

The dedicated wife of a struggling businessman falls behind on the hire purchase payments and the debt collector suggests "payment in kind".
Note: Filmed in colour.

Personal and Confidential (1965)
Ellen McIntosh, Robert Cartland, Harry Littlewood, Howard Lang
Directed by Geoffrey Nethercott

Found in the briefcase of the man in Room 755, who fell, or was pushed, from a seventh storey window, is a red file, marked "Top Secret".

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Position of Trust (1965)
Derrick Sherwin, Imogen Hassall, Edward Atienza, Peter Barkworth
Directed by Lionel Harris

The wild son of a powerful industrialist plans an illicit weekend away from his fiancee with a pretty French girl called Yvonne. The weekend begins promisingly but on the first morning a man barges into their hotel bedroom in Brighton. He announces that he is a private detective - acting for Yvonne's husband.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Undesirable Neighbour,The (1963)
Vanda Godsell, Bridget Armstrong, Anthony Newlands, Ronald Hatton
Directed by Gordon Hales

When a young married couple move into a new home the wife is popular with the local men and starts the gossips buzzing.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Woman's Privilege, A (1962)
Bernard Archard, Ann Lynn, Patrick Wymark, Ernest Clark, Noel Hood
Directed by Anthony Bushell

On a cruise to cheer herself up after a broken romance, Shirley Fawsett meets Joe Ashton. The result is a court case where she sues him for breach of promise.

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