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Film Memorabilia: "Edgar Wallace" Films (29)

Between the years 1960 and 1966 a total of 47 films based on Edgar Wallace stories were shot at Merton Park studios in London. Produced by Jack Greenwood (with the exception of "The Malpas Mystery") they all maintained a better standard than any other crime second feature of the period.

Below is a list of all the 47 films with active links to any Front of House stills, Film Posters or Press Books that I have in my Collection.

£20,000 Kiss,The (1963)
Alfred Burke, Dawn Addams, Michael Goodliffe, Richard Thorp, Anthony Newlands.
Directed by John Moxey

Alfred Burke stars as a police inspector unravelling the case of an extortion ring trying to blackmail an MP, which leads to murder.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Accidental Death (1963)
John Carson, Jacqueline Ellis, Derrick Sherwin, Richard Vernon
Directed by Geoffrey Nethercott

John Carson and Jacqueline Ellis star in a suspense story of former spies who set traps for each other.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Act of Murder (1964)
John Carson, Anthony Bate, Justine Lord, Dandy Nichols
Directed by Alan Bridges

The ex-boyfriend of a woman now married to a wealthy man tries to implicate her in a robbery.

Poster 40”x30”

Attempt to Kill (1961)
Story: “Lone House Mystery”
Derek Farr, Tony Wright, Richard Pearson, Freda Jackson, Patricia Mort
Directed by Royston Morley

Derek Farr stars as a Scotland Yard Inspector investigating murder attempts on a wealthy businessman. One suspect is his estranged wife, the other is a dismissed employee.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)
Poster 40”x30”

Backfire (1961)
Story: “The Best Laid Plans of a Man in Love”
Alfred Burke, Zena Marshall, Oliver Johnston
Directed by Paul Almond

The founder of Venetia Beauty Preparations regrets going into partnership because the firm is now in the red. His partner suggests arson as a way out.

Candidate for Murder (1961)
Michael Gough, Erika Remberg, Hans Barsody, John Justin
Directed by David Villiers

Jealous husband, Michael Gough, hires a man to murder his actress wife.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Change Partners (1965)
Zena Walker, Kenneth Cope, Basil Henson, Anthony Dawson
Directed by Robert Lynn

A thriller about a man forced by a strong-willed woman to contemplate killing his business partner- his lover's husband.

Clue of the New Pin,The (1960)
Paul Daneman, Bernard Archard, James Villiers, Catherine Woodville, Clive Morton
Directed by Allan Davis

Story about "perfect crime". James Villiers is a TV interviewer who tangles with murder.

Clue of the Silver Key,The (1961)
Bernard Lee, Stanley Morgan, Finlay Currie, Lyndon Brook, Jennifer Danie, Patrick Cargill
Directed by Gerard Glaister

Bernard Lee stars as a determined Scotland Yard Inspector unravelling a series of murders.

Clue of the Twisted Candle (1960)
Bernard Lee, Stanley Morgan, David Knight, Francis de Wolff, Richard Caldicot
Directed by Allan Davis

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Dead Man's Chest (1965)
John Thaw, Ann Firbank, John Meillon, Peter Bowles
Directed by Patrick Dromgoole

Two young journalists devise a fake murder.

Death Trap (1962)
Albert Lieven, Barbara Shelley, Joan Meillon, Kenneth Cope, Leslie Sands
Directed by John Moxey

Money goes missing after a puzzling suicide.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Double,The (1963)
Jeanette Sterke, Alan MacNaughton, Robert Brown, Jane Griffiths
Directed by Lionel Harris

A businessman loses his memory and can remember nothing except a feeling that he has killed someone.

Downfall (1964)
Maurice Denham, Nadja Regin, Peter Barkworth, T.P. McKenna, Ellen McIntosh
Directed by John Moxey

Maurice Denham plays a famous criminal lawyer.

Face of a Stranger (1964)
Jeremy Kemp, Rosemary Leach, Mike Pratt, Bernard Archard, Jean Marsh, Philip Locke
Directed by John Moxey

Jeremy Kemp plays an ex-convict carrying on a strange deception with a fellow jailbird's blind wife.

Poster 40”x30”

Five to One (1963)
John Thaw, Lee Montague, Ingrid Hafner, Brian McDermott, Ewan Roberts
Directed by Gordon Flemyng

John Thaw leads a trio of young crooks who plan to rob an even bigger crook.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)
Poster 40”x30”

Flat Two (1961)
John Le Mesurier, Jack Watling, Bernard Archard, Barry Keegan
Directed by Alan Cooke

John le Mesurier is a barrister involved in a murder.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Fourth Square,The (1961)
Story: “Four Square Jane”
Conrad Phillips, Natasha Parry, Delphi Lawrence, Paul Daneman
Directed by Allan Davis

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Game for Three Losers (1964)
Michael Gough, Mark Eden, Toby Robins. Rachel Gurney, Allan Cuthbertson
Directed by Gerry O'Hara

Incident at Midnight (1963)
Anton Diffring, William Sylvester, Justine Lord, Tony Garnett, Martin Miller
Directed by Norman Harrison

An ex-surgeon and drug addict recognises a former Nazi in a chemist shop and works with the narcotics squad to catch him.

Locker Sixty-Nine (1962)
Eddie Byrne, Paul Daneman, Walter Brown, Penelope Horner, John Carson
Directed by Norman Harrison

A private detective finds his employer lying in a pool of blood but when the police arrive the body has vanished.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Main Chance,The (1963)
Gregoire Aslan, Edward de Souza, Tracy Reed, Stanley Meadows
Directed by John Knight

An ex-pilot is involved in diamond smuggling masterminded by an electronics genius who can kill people by remote control. Sir Carol Reed's daughter, Tracy, has the leading feminine role.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Malpas Mystery,The (1960)
Story: “Face in the Night”
Maureen Swanson, Allan Cuthbertson, Geoffrey Keen, Sandra Dorne, Ronald Howard
Directed by Sidney Hayers

A mysterious doctor employs Maureen Swanson just after she comes out of jail. She is then offered a second job - to spy on her new boss.

Man at the Carlton Tower,The (1961)
Maxine Audley, Lee Montague, Allan Cuthbertson, Terence Alexander, Alfred Burke
Directed by Robert Tronson

Thriller set against the backdrop of a plush London hotel involving jewel robbery and murder.

Man Detained (1961)
Story: “A Debt Discharged”
Bernard Archard, Elvi Hale, Paul Stassino, Michael Coles, Victor Platt
Directed by Robert Tronson

A secretary is involved with a counterfeiting gang and murder.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Man who was Nobody,The (1960)
Hazel Court, John Crawford, Paul Eddington, Vanda Godsell
Directed by Montgomery Tully

Marriage of Convenience (1960)
Story: “The Three Oak Mystery”
John Cairney, Harry H. Corbett, Jennifer Daniel
Directed by Clive Donner

Harry H. Corbett plays a police inspector who marries the girl of a jail-breaker.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Never Back Losers (1962)
Story: “The Green Ribbon”
Jack Hedley, Jacqueline Ellis, Patrick Magee, Richard Warner, Derek Francis, Stanley Morgan
Directed by Robert Tronson

A jockey dies after taking out a big insurance policy. Jack Hedley investigates.

Poster 40”x30”

Never Mention Murder (1964)
Maxine Audley, Dudley Foster, Michael Coles
Directed by John Nelson Burton

Number Six (1962)
Ivan Desny, Nadja Regin, Michael Goodliffe, Brian Bedford
Directed by Robert Tronson

A police secret agent is so secret that only one top Scotland Yard man knows his or her identity. A big-time crook realises Six is on to him, but he can't put a face to the number, either.

On the Run (1963)
Emrys Jones, Sarah Lawson, Patrick Barr, Delphi Lawrence, Kevin Stoney
Directed by Robert Tronson

Model prisoner Frank Stewart, convicted for burglary, escapes from prison.

Poster 40”x30”

Partner,The (1963)
Story: “A Million Dollar Story”
Yoko Tani, Guy Doleman, Ewan Robert
Directed by Gerard Glaister

Yoko Tani plays an Oriental film actress caught up in a complex tax fiddle.

Partners in Crime (1961)
Story: “The Man who Knew”
Bernard Lee, John van Eyssen, Moira Redmond, Stanley Morgan
Directed by Peter Duffell

Bernard Lee investigates the murder of a businessman.

Playback (1962)
Margit Saad, Barry Foster, Victor Platt, Dinsdale Landen, George Pravda, Nigel Green
Directed by Quentin Lawrence

Barry Foster is the policeman led into a life of crime by a seductive girl.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)
Poster 40”x30”

Return to Sender (1962)
Nigel Davenport, Yvonne Romain, Geoffrey Keen, William Russell, John Horsley
Directed by Gordon Hales

Nigel Davenport plays a swindling self-made tycoon who makes an agreement with the underworld to destroy the reputation of the lawyer who sent him to prison.

Ricochet (1963)
Story: “Angel of Terror”
Maxine Audley, Richard Leech, Alex Scott, Dudley Foster, Patrick Magee
Directed by John Moxey

Maxine Audley stars and Dudley Foster plays the mystery man.

Rivals,The (1963)
Story: “Elegant Edward”
Jack Gwillim, Erica Rogers, Brian Smith
Directed by Max Varnel

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist disappears from her London hotel and an unknown gang demand £75,000 for her.

Set Up,The (1962)
Maurice Denham, John Carson, Brian Peck, Anthony Bate
Directed by Gerard Glaister

An ex-convict is framed for murder when he is asked to rob a safe.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)
Press Book

Share Out,The (1962)
Story: “Jack O'Judgement”
Bernard Lee, Stanley Morgan, Alexander Knox, William Russell, Moira Redmond
Directed by Gerard Glaister

Private eye agrees to help the Yard smash a blackmail ring, in return for clearing his once shady record.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)
Poster 40”x30”

Sinister Man,The (1961)
John Bentley, Patrick Allen, Jacqueline Ellis
Directed by Clive Donner

John Bentley investigates when an Oxford professor is murdered and an important archaeological find is lost.

Solo for Sparrow (1962)
Story: “The Gunner”
Anthony Newlands, Glyn Houston, Nadja Regin, Michael Coles, Allan Cuthbertson
Directed by Gordon Flemyng

Robbery turns to murder when an old lady is suffocated. Michael Caine appears as a gangster.

Strangler's Web (1965)
John Stratton, Pauline Munro, Griffith Jones, Gerald Harper, Michael Balfour
Directed by John Moxey

A murder is not the open-and-shut case it first seems to the investigator.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

Time to Remember (1962)
Story: “The Man who Bought London”
Yvonne Monlaur, Harry H. Corbett, Ernest Clark, Ray Barrett, David Lodge
Directed by Charles Jarrott

A woman wants to buy expensive property from a small-time estate agent. He decides to lean more about the deal and his curiosity leads him into big-time crime.

To Have and to Hold (1963)
Story: “The Breaking Point”
Ray Barrett, Katharine Blake, Nigel Stock, William Hartnell, Patricia Bredin, Noel Trevarthen
Directed by Herbert Wise

A police sergeant has a fatal fascination for the opposite sex. Just how fatal he doesn't realise until he meets twin sisters one of whom is murdered.

Press Book

Verdict,The (1964)
Story: “The Big Four”
Cec Linder, Zena Marshall, Nigel Davenport, Paul Stassino
Directed by David Eady

A gangster deported to America is arrested in Britain for a murder he committed 20 years before. But, with the help of a friend, he plans to rig the jury at the Old Bailey.

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

We Shall See (1963)
Maurice Kaufmann, Faith Brook, Alex McIntosh, Hugh Paddick
Directed by Quentin Lawrence

The attractive wife of an airline captain is a hopeless psychopath. She manages to antagonise everyone she meets and someone lets loose a swarm of bees in her bedroom although it is known that she is allergic to the sting of a bee.

Who was Maddox? (1964)
Bernard Lee, Jack Watling, Suzanne Lloyd, Finlay Currie, James Bree
Directed by Geoffrey Nethercott

A creepy thriller and with none of the characters being too honest it is hard to spot the killer!

Front of House Stills (Set of 8)

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